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9 Advantages of Using Clickbait

Clickbait literally makes your ad interesting.  This means more potential viewers, that in turn will result in an increase in your web traffic and generate new leads.

Here are 9 Clickbait ideas  for you to try out:

1) The Dynamic Template

Write your ad title with the word “best”. Potential customers are usually searching for the best product and service.  By adding “best” as a clickbait, you can increase your leads.

Example: The 5 Best Modern Kitchen Designs to Try Out

2) Use Headlines

Make it short and to the point. Being straight forward, you can make your content easy to understand.

Example: SEO Services – Competitive Prices

3) Coupons

Entice your readers with coupons- we all love a deal!

4) Location-Based Page

Add location to your title and content so potential customers can see it according to their preferred location.

5) Create Tutorials

Help your readers to solve a problem that relates to what you offer. Teach them through tutorials and give them Step by Step instructions.

6) Use Numbers and State an Interesting Fact

Reveal important and impactful information that can help you increase your leads.

Example: 535 consumers tried this already and are satisfied!

7) Promote Accurate and Legitimate News

Inform your readers about updates that can affect them, that relate to what you offer.

Example: Google will flag your website in 2018 if you don’t have a SSL Certificate!

8) Create a “One-Stop Shop” Theme

A One-Stop Shop theme for your content means that when people search for an organic keyword, everything they want to see is in your content.

Example: If they are searching for “kitchen design”

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Kitchen Design

9) Assurance

Your content must assure the reader that you are best.


   You can hook people with a creative title using the right words as ‘bait, and in turn increase your click-through rates.