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Go Beyond Your Competitors Using these 7 Tools

Competitive mapping is one of the very crucial parts of a business. Knowing your competitions can help you build your strategies both offensive and defensive in order to beat them.

You can use ClickCease to determine if they are using a fraud clicker. If you want to know their SEO and PPC Tactics, use Spyfu. This can really be a huge help to create your own search campaign strategies.

For knowing their marketing activities, Buzzsumo can be a great help. Your competitors might be good at creating an impact on their customers using backlinks, try Majestic and know if there’s also an opportunity for you.

You can also use Sentione to know how competitors’ customers call, engage and interact with them by using keywords and mentions. There can also be platforms where your competitors are good at, check it using Kompyte.

Lastly, use Owletter to know competitions’ email marketing efforts that help them drive sales.

Whatever tools you use, find one that will be efficient in your marketing. In the long run, it will benefit your business.