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Google Report for June 2018

Google provides tools and strategies for Webmasters and SEO users, and in those terms June 2018 did not show big changes. However, Google did make changes to Google News and Google Trends and the video upload feature on Google Posts is now  fully operational.

Video today is one of the best tools available to increase your brand awareness and increase leads. It is also a creative and  effective way to provide information to your viewers. Using this tool can be a great help for SEO and increase your ranking.

Google has downplayed how much personalization is used in ranking search results. Google was testing asking users to submit questions in the search results. No announcements have been made thus far about this, so we have to wait and see if this will be an aspect of Google search results and if and how rankings are affected. As far as algorithm changes, not much but a few minor tweaks, but not enough to call them updates.

There are many Google updates in store for us, but the roll-out dates have not been published to date.