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9 in 10 purchases

Are Face-to-face

But the way people connect with businesses has changed

80% search online

91% check reviews

Local businesses

Fail to Make Digital Connections

No offline data

Manual customer relationships
Artificial Intelligence

Engages With Customers Automatically

AI Tracks 34M Consumers

Consumers across the U.S.

User centric

AI tracks consumers across over 7,000 locations
Optimizes marketing at a consumer level for each of them

Machine Learning

Unlike DIY, AI runs tests automatically on 34M consumers
Predictions are driven by a proprietary data set covering 11% of the US population

Increase client retention and marketing spend
Drive Traffic, Influence Consumer Behavior and Make Your PPC Ad Spend Work Harder
Turn Leads into something more
Drive 5-star reviews

Or Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Making stars appear

AI reaches out to customers to see if they’d recommend your business and follows up to ensure they leave 5-star reviews.

Choose Your Review Sites
30+ Options

Convert new & repeat customers

Welcome new

And Returning Customers

By collecting emails, phone numbers and transaction data, AI knows the right offer to send to convert new and repeat customers through automated offer programs.

Use data science for “Suggested Campaigns”

Looking out for you

AI analyses your account activity and sends suggestions for your next campaign. You can be hands-off and let it work for you.

Transparent, Predictable Performance

Clients see a 10% increase

In Revenue (reputation + offers)

1 star review improvement drives a 7% improvement in revenue (Source: HBS)

Clients see a 20% redemption rate in the 4 weeks after a special offer is claimed by a consumer


The average client improves their average rating by 1.8 stars.

“Each ratings star added on a Yelp review translated to anywhere from a 5% to 9% effect on revenues.” -Harvard Business School