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We provide service for the city of Austell in Cobb County for the following zip codes: 30106 and 30168.

Pay-per-click marketing

Internet Advertising Model

Pay-per-click marketing is an internet advertising model in which advertisers pay PPC (pay-per-click) providers only when their ad is clicked. Major PPC providers include Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter — Panorama Press is experienced in working with all three.

  1. Generate leads
  2. Generate sales or conversions
  3. Create brand awareness

Get Free Help for Small Business.

 We are offering a free no obligation assessment and plan for your business.

  • Social Media Diagnostics
  • Lead Generation, Tracking and Conversion process analysis
  • Data acquisition, Management and Optimization inventory
  • Online Visibility Assessment
  • Website Performance Analysis
  • Comprehensive Marketing Analytics
  • Competitor Analysis
Guide for Continued Growth

Marketing Assessment

What will you get out of it? With our marketing assessment, you will receive an overview of the the current status of the business and a plan of action. Our goals are not only to give you a clear picture of the marketing status of your business but also present a plan of action. The plan will aim at increasing leads, identifying opportunities, reducing costs/weakness and acting as a guide for growth.

The Value of Hiring a Qualified

Third Party for Account Management

XSearch engine marketing campaigns allow you to effectively target customers searching for products and services that you offer. But managing an online marketing campaign can require close attention and diligence. A qualified professional has experience and proficiency in creating AdWords campaigns for businesses, so they can save you time and resources by managing your campaign for you.

Within the major PPC systems, there are two major networks in which pay-per-click ads can appear:
Search Network: 

Pay-per-click ads in the search network appear when a potential customer uses a search engine to search for your product or service. Using the search network can be useful for targeting more specified or obscure search terms that are difficult to advertise for organically. These ads are what you see at the top and right sidebars of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine results — they can dramatically increase the web presence of your business, and because of the targeted nature of each of these ads, they typically yield higher conversion rates than organic click-throughs.

Content Network:

 Content Network ads are, in essence, PPC ads that appear everywhere else but on search engine results. They appear on web sites on which Google AdSense is installed (Google compensates webmasters for installing this on their web sites) and also in GMail and other services. Given the information input into various search engine services (searches, mail services, chat services, storage, and so forth), PPC providers are capable of mining information on users that allows them to provide targeted ads to potential customers. For example, if I’m writing an e-mail about moving to another state, Google may provide an ad about moving services, new jobs in the area, realtor services and so forth.

PPC marketing is very complex, and it can be difficult to generate an effective PPC campaign without extensive experience with PPC marketing strategies. In order to achieve PPC success, your ad needs to be informative,eye-catching and relevant, showing up only for the right keywords. Panorama Press is experienced in working with all major PPC providers and for creating ads for a variety of different products and services. Unlike other major PPC services, Panorama Press will constantly monitor and improve the performance of your PPC campaign, testing new ad copies and facilitating any planned expansion of provided goods and services. We will also work with you to advertise any seasonal specials you may provide.

Have Inquiries?

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With any questions you may have — we would love to be your PPC specialist or full service marketing provider.

Panorama Press:

Austell Marketing set-up, maintain, track and analyze Austell Internet pay-per-click (PPC), or paid search advertising campaigns simply, affordably and comprehensively in major search engines such as Google®,Yahoo!, and MSN.

PPC allows businesses to have a link to their Web site featured when a user searches a specific keyword which the marketer specifies. The business pays a small fee per click. The ad and link are placed on the top row panel and left column panel of the search page.

Expertise Technology

ROI-focused Tools

Panorama Press utilizes Search Engine Optimization to support and lower the cost of pay per click campaigns.

Panorama Press uses our expertise technology and ROI-focused tools to help our clients run successful local Internet advertising campaigns. Our platform ensures that our clients’ ads appear alongside only relevant keyword search results which produce leads through major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN,, and AOL. We work to get ads placed in a high value position to generate the most efficient and qualified click-thrus to the local business’s web site.

Track Business Activities

Record Business Prospects

When a local consumer clicks on an ad and goes to the Web site, Panorama Press can track precisely how the consumer explores the site. Clients can see first-hand which products or offers are attracting consumer attention, and whether the Web site is effectively designed to generate leads. We can also monitor and track when consumers who have clicked on an ad contact the local business by email or telephone, or print an offer coupon from the site…and Panorama Press can record prospects calls to your business to ensure telephone inquiries are handled effectively.

Note: 43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant to buy something offline and 54% of search users have substituted Internet/search for the phone book.

AdWords and Google Marketing Reach

Google helps you reach consumers in a relevant, accountable way.
Reach the audiences that matter most to your business. More than 170 million people use the Internet in the United States. Google’s network reaches 80% of these potential customers. You can target potential customers by neighborhood, city, state, or country. AdWords is available in 38 different languages and 250 countries.

AdWords Relevance

Connect with consumers when it’s relevant.
AdWords shows ads to potential customers when they’re actively searching for what businesses like yours have to offer. Your ads are being placed when decisions are being made. Of consumers making in-store purchases in key categories, 89% have conducted online research prior to purchase.

AdWords Return on Investment (ROI)

Measure and improve your return on investment.
AdWords gives you a range of helpful online tracking tools so you can understand what’s working, what’s not, and which adjustments you can make to maximize your investment. It costs nothing to develop AdWords ads and there’s no minimum spend. You only pay when consumers click on your ad to go to your site. You can adjust, pause, or stop your campaigns at any time.

AdWords Impact on Conversions

In online advertising, a conversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to user behavior you deem valuable, such as a purchase, signup, page view, or lead. Conversion tracking, then, is a way to monitor and evaluate how well your ad campaigns convert into a meaningful action like a sale.

Because AdWords delivers people information about the products and services they’re already looking for, it can help to drive conversions.

Your AdWords account includes a free conversion-tracking tool to measure your conversions and ultimately help you identify how effective your AdWords ads and keywords are for you.

To get started, just click ‘Conversion Tracking’ at the top of your account’s ‘Campaign Management’ tab. Then click ‘Create an Action’ and follow the steps provided.

The Costs

AdWords Costs and Flexibility

AdWords advertisers can choose cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing, whichever best suits their needs.

Under the Google AdWords CPC pricing model, advertisers pay for ad clicks, not impressions. If an advertiser’s ads appear 50 times and receive five clicks, the advertiser is charged only for those five clicks. With CPM pricing,advertisers who prefer impression-based pricing can set their own price and receive traditional CPM metrics.

AdWords advertisers enjoy a tremendous level of control over their costs. They can set a maximum daily budget to help manage costs over the month and specific amounts they’re willing to pay per click or per thousand impressions,which the AdWords system will never exceed.

AdWords advertisers can also set up Google’s free conversion tracking tool and receive account reports by email so they can monitor their sales conversions and return on investment. (Please see the Reports and ROI lessons for more information.)

The Flexibility

Because Google AdWords offers such a high degree of flexibility and control, it’s an especially effective marketing tool to help advertisers:

  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales or conversions
  • Create brand awareness
About Austell

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One of the most strategically located cities in Cobb County, Austell has a friendly, small town atmosphere which invites residential, commercial, and industrial growth. Excellent schools, regional shopping, convenient hospitals and medical care, as well as easy access to major thoroughfares, including Interstates 20 and 285, assure Austell’s potential for a high quality of life.