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Visual Marketing

Is an even more powerful tool to drive website traffic and to increase engagement and interaction within your website.

Businesses that include videos on their website see higher engagement rates, higher click-through rates, and higher conversion rates. An interesting fact is that 80 percent of people who watch a video ad will recall it a month later.  When people watch a video ad, 45 percent of them will take some type of action within the website, so it makes sense to include videos in your marketing plan. It’s a great way to quickly grab someone’s attention and deliver a lot of information in a short time.

Rank Better in Google

One of the factors of Google’s algorithm for search rankings is how long visitors stay on your website. The premise is that if people are spending time on your website, it must have quality content. A great way to capture and hold visitors’ attention is to provide a short, compelling video.

Demonstration Video

Sometimes your product requires a detailed explanation, and a video can often be better option than a written description. Videos can help you connect to your audience.Emotions are what tend to motivate decision-making and the actions taken, so the use of both sound and video will appeal to them.

Video Testimonials

This platform can also help you introduce your product or service. Credibility is a crucial aspect for any business, large or small. Videos that feature customers who have purchased your product or service and are happy with it, is a great way to increase your credibility.

Mobile Users

Viewing videos on a mobile devices has increased 532 percent in the last two years, and 40 percent of people prefer to get their information visually rather than text.

Stand Out From the Competition

Only half of businesses currently use video in their marketing strategy.  You can stand out from the competition by utilizing this powerful marketing tool.

Panorama Press can show you how you can grow your business and increase profits through Video marketing. Give us a call today at 678-391-9136.

Video is the creative that drives growth. We use video to create and promote events like sales, specials, company info, branding …etc